NOTE: This msi installer file was created with a new utility,
and it does not remove prior installations. So to avoid
confusion, please remove the old Forecaster4 program first.

Click the link below to open the Dropbox folder.
There you can download the Forecaster4.msi file.

NOTE: This installation includes a folder of sample files copied to
C:/Program Files (x86)/Forecaster4/Forecaster4/Samples.

Please CLICK HERE to download from Dropbox.

Click the three dots on the Dropbox page to see the download option.

Then navigate to your Downloads folder and
double click the Forecaster4.msi file.

Your browser may warn you that this file can harm your computer. Just ignore and click the button to save or run.

If your computer shows you this message when you try to install Forecaster4,
click the link marked above and you will get another button to continue.